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Entrepreneurial Attributes

What makes a successful entrepreneur

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Entrepreneur is a visionary and passionate person who habitually spots entrepreneurial opportunities, creates innovative customer value and gets it acquired by customers.




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Vadim Kotelnikov

Willingness and preparedness to take creative and courageous entrepreneurial action and noble risk differentiates entrepreneurs from others.

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Specific Attributes of Entrepreneurs




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Entrepreneurs create an inspiring vision of the desired future that guides and motivates them and design entrepreneurial strategies to achieve it.

Super-successful entrepreneurs are super-passionate about their work and their customers.

Entrepreneurs are bold and creative; they are willing to pursue risky opportunities that challenge the status quo.




Entrepreneurs can and love to create both for fun and "under the gun".


Two Creativity Catalysts




Disruptive entrepreneurs develop innovative products proactively, create new markets and new customer needs.


Venturepreneur: 8 Attributes

Radical Innovation




Entrepreneurs design daring entrepreneurial strategies, jump in, experiment, and learn as they go.


Learning SWOT Questions




Entrepreneurs are super-energized and keep stretching their imagination, themselves, and their business.


How To Achieve Impossible




Entrepreneurs are persistent in achieving their vision, yet flexible enough to benefit from feedback, failures, challenges, and opportunities.



Entrepreneurial Success




Entrepreneurs are creative, inventive, and innovative victors who turn failures, problems, and challenges to entrepreneurial opportunities and stepping stones to their strategic achievement.


Entrepreneurial Creativity

Innopreneurial Journey



Entrepreneurial Attributes knowledge hacks  

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