The Project Manager's MBA

Dennis J. Cohen, Robert J. Graham


If the authors are correct, the Project Manager's maxim of
"Make it fast. Make it good. Make it cheap.,"
is in the process of being replaced
"Make it Economically Viable."

Classic Project Management

 3 Functions    4 Phases

Project Planning

Strategic Project Management

SPM vs. Conventional PM

Innovation Project Management

Radical Project Management

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A Most Helpful Customer Review

New Responsibilities for the Project Manager

By: Craig L. Howe (Darien, CT United States)

Future project managers' success will be graded by their contributions to the enterprise's economic value than their completing a project on time, within budget.

The authors argue project managers will function as entrepreneurs or CEOs, assuming responsibility for the ultimate success of their projects.

Business Synergies Approach to Project Management

In the business that means they will be responsible for producing a level of customer satisfaction high enough to produce sales generating enough cash flow to cover project and operating expenses, make a profit Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and pay back the cost of capital used to produce the product. Only at this point will the project produce enough economic value to enhance shareholder value.


The Tree of Business Success Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Business Model Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book



  Project Management: 2 Approaches


To accomplish this, project managers will require new skills, especially intrapreneurial.

They will rely not only on traditionally operational skills, but also knowledge of the enterprise's:

1. Accounting and Finance

2. Organizational Strategy

3. Marketing and value propositions

4. Human Relations

5. Internal Processes.

This will require, the authors say, a radical change in the measurement and control systems of most organizations.

9 Signs of a Losing Organization

For project managers to act as CEOs, they will have to be treated as CEOs. They will have to be judged not only by detailed assessments of their project outcomes, durations and costs but by new metrics based on increases in shareholder or stakeholder value.  >>>

Balanced Business System  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book



This book is about managing lifestyle projects



How to manage
radical change / innovation project

How to manage
Information Technology (IT) project

Radical projects
require specific approaches.

70% of radical projects fail because
project managers lack relevant skills.

Yet, you can not just succeed, but
achieve far beyond aspirations
if you use these master keys: