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5 Rules of Creative Thinking

By William N. Yeomans,  the author of 1000 Things You Never Learned in Business School  

  1. Don't let assumptions stifle your capacity. Throw every one of them.

  2. Discipline yourself to take time to look for alternatives. Stay open and generate as many as you can think of before deciding on one.

  3. To get solutions, you must create an atmosphere where you and others are comfortable expressing new ideas (even if you make mistakes by coming out with bad ideas), an atmosphere where ideas are not immediately evaluated and attacked.

  4. To open up true creativity, you have to shed inhibitions and move from left-brain dominated by numbers toward right-brain  the original thinking.

  5. If you are working on a problem and getting nowhere, leave it for a while and let your subconscious your depth mind to take over... More




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