Leadership is about creating powerful human currents moving enthusiastically and creatively in the right direction.


Effective Leader


Articulates and inspiring vision and gives direction.

Sets Stretch Goals that inspire people to stretch themselves and promise a great feeling of achievement.  >>>

Leads by example; practices what s/he preaches; share risks and the joy with all team members.

Inspires, empowers and energizes partners to make a difference >>>

Listens with understanding; willing to discuss and solve problems; open to ideas; gives time to listen >>>

Supports; is on your side; backs you up; remembers your concerns and tries to help.  >>>

Uses team approach; helps group reach better decisions; facilitates cooperation.

Delegates authority; trusts the group; relies on their judgment; permits group decision; has faith in the creativity of others. Avoids close supervision; does not overboss; does not dictate or rule by the book.  >>>

Communicates openly and honestly; tells you what he thinks; you can trust what he says.

Brings out best in his people; has common touch with the workers.


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