4Ps of a Successful Partnership


TraveLinx Inc., Canada, is a leader Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book in tourism-related internet technology, marketing Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, e-commerce and database information management solutions. The core of TraveLinx's competence comes from developing and implementing its proprietary Destination Management System (DMS) that warehouses and serves tourism-related rich content such as accommodations, attractions, festivals and events, etc. through the Internet to a variety of different users. It currently provides the content for Tourism Ontario. TraveLinx was originally founded in 1993 by telecom giant Bell Canada.

Cit America's core product is the iCit TeleCenter, a custom hardware, software and targeted services design developed exclusively for the needs of the hospitality industry. The iCit Telecenter provides broadband ISP, content applications, advertising, maintenance, service and customer support. Their technology is designed to cater to every guest in every room irrespective of their level of technical literacy.

ICit America and TraveLinx have entered into a cross-marketing and supplier agreement to deliver Travelinx travel and tourism content as well as a reservations and ticketing engine to TeleCenter installations in hospitality and retail locations. In addition, TraveLinx deploys TeleCenter solutions in retail locations where destination marketing and transactions are complimentary to the retailer's products and customers.