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Kaikaku + Kaizen

Radical Improvement +
Incremental Improvements

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Kaikaku Kaizen Synergy - radical plus incremental improvements  

Everything can and should be improved ‒ look for improvement opportunities constantly and pursue them proactively. Keep in your beautiful mind though that radically-improved objects tend to return to their original state if a radical improvement (Kaikaku) is not followed with small continuous improvements (Kaizen).




In Kaizen & Lean terms, there are two kinds of improvement:

① Kaizen is evolutionary, focused on incremental improvements

② Kaikaku is revolutionary, focused on radical improvements



6Ws of the Kaizen Wheel

Kaizen Mindset

Kaizen Practices




Kaikaku and Kazen are two parts of the whole, like Yin and Yang.





When approaching a problem situation, you may need to start with a radical improvement (Kaikaku) if it is a major problem.

Having implemented Kaikaku, keep improving it continuously (Kaizen.

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Kaikaku (radical improvement) is necessary to break paradigms and elevate the awareness of people to a higher level of understanding.


Kaizen and Kaikaku

10 Kaikaku Commandments





Kaikaku is a rapid change event as opposed to Kaizen which is smaller incremental improvements.

Kaikaku is revolutionary while Kaizen is evolutionary.


Kaizen and TQM

Kaizen Culture



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Kaikaku sometimes used as a precursor to Kaizen activities. Kaizen is essential for a long-term lean transformation.

Without continuous improvements (Kaizen) you are building a radical improvement (Kaikaku) on a sandy foundation. And vice versa.





Keep in Mind




Kaizen Wheel: 6Ws - Why, Who, What, How, Where, When  

"Kaizen" means quite different things in Japan and the West.

In Japan, "kaizen" is a journey that focuses on people it calls to start any improvement with yourself and then improve everything around you.

In the West, "kaizen" is narrowly focused on improving processes.






Continuous Improvement




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Everything can and should be improved
‒ look for opportunities!


6Ws of the Kaizen Wheel

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