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Critical CIO Skills include

Fluency in both information technology and the business

Ability to work at tactical and strategic levels simultaneously

Foresight to connect disparate pieces into cohesive solutions (holistic thinking, systems thinking, design thinking)

Leadership attributes and skills

IT Governance

Commitment to lifelong learning, flexibility, readiness to stretch beyond core competencies

Marketing competence

Consummate soft skills and communication skills

Ability to find and manage top talent

Vendor management expertise

Project management excellence

Willingness to delegate and empower




Synergizing IT and Business Management

Effective e-business is not an IT challenge, it is primarily about IT-business alignment and synergy. To succeed, an IT leader must develop business management skills.

Leading companies want their CIO to display a number of overarching characteristics.

An effective CIO has a vision, has mastered holistic thinking and  strategic creativity techniques, can synergize technology innovation and value innovation, and is capable of using creative approaches to solving business problems and turning problems to opportunities for improvement.

A soft-skilled CIO exhibits influence, with superior communication skills and the ability to build consensus.

A productive CIO gets things done, executes enterprise-wide projects successfully.


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IT Architect

IT architects are in growing demand.  The position of IT architect has become increasingly important to the ever-changing IT industry, and is one that established corporations and start-ups are seeking.

 IT architects help enhance business design and solve business problems. Their communication skills are good enough to coordinate the people who will put their plans into action... More



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The most admired IT solutions are developed by those who are driven by love for their users.

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Synergizing Similarities

Various technologies that were used separately can now be combined with the help of modern IT to produce a synergistic effect. For instance, modern IT allow you to make both online and offline business presentations more powerful by integrating videos and flash animations in a traditional PowerPoint presentation.


Master of Business Synergies (MBS)



CCNP Enterprise Certification







Business Innovation: The Role of CIO

Today, there is a great need for IT to enable business innovation. An ideal CIO is not only accountable for IT function success and business process transformation, but also adopts a more proactive company-external focus and concentrates on using IT to drive innovation and strategic advantage in pursuit of stretch business goals. To work effectively with the rest of the organization and enable business innovation, CIO needs to develop an environment within the IT function that is conducive to innovation.


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