4 Principles of Natural Selling

Michael Oliver defined the following four principles of natural selling:

  1. The purpose of a business is helping other people solve their problems
    Empathetic Marketing

  2. Asking the right types of questions at the right time

  3. Listening to what is being meant, not just what is being said

  4. Feeding back what you think you heard... More

5 Core Selling Skills

Stewart Hutton, the author of Practical Selling Sales Foundations Course, lists the following file core selling skills:

  1. Sell Benefits, not features

  2. Ask your customer questions that will uncover their need for your products.

  3. Present solutions based on your products that satisfy the customers needs.

Impactful Presenter: Top 10 Tips

  1. Overcome objections they raise.

  2. >>>
  3. Close sales... More



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