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Groundbreaking Soft Skills 4.0

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Skills 4.0: Focus on Soft Skills

In today’s rapidly changing dynamic markets, companies need an adaptable and flexible workforce in order to be ready to address potential skills gaps and talent shortages. It is mostly soft skills that are required to rise to the challenges brought on by the megatrends and rapid change in technology, business models, organizational designs, and customer needs.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) makes formal degrees (hard skills) comparatively less important, with personal skills (soft skills) becoming more critical. People need new Skills 4.0 not only to cope with rapid, relentless, unpredictable, an often transformational change, but to thrive in it and to create change themselves.

The new job marketplace calls to focus on capabilities instead of qualifications. Instead of looking for hard-skill professionals, companies look now more often for employees who are open to change.


Creative Dissatisfaction, Creativity,
critical thinking and
Problem Solving Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book emerged as the top skills required by industry.

At the top management level, the three top soft skills for businesses are complex problem-solving, coordinating with others, and managing people.


Employees need to be trained for skills, especially soft skills, not tasks. Machines take care of quality control, while employees need to shift their focus on the things machines so far cannot do, such as Innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, Your Interpersonal Skills Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, and emotional intelligence. Employees have to be open to change, possess greater flexibility to adapt to new roles, and build cross-functional expertise through continuous interdisciplinary learning.











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