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Organizational Barriers to the
Sharing of Tacit Knowledge





According to Dorothy Leonard and Silvia Sensiper, the authors of The Role of Tacit Knowledge in Group Innovation, tacit knowledge is difficult to share because it cannot be documented explicitly. Tacit knowledge resides in human minds, in habits, and in relations.  It is highly individual, personal and hard to formalize. It is learnt through personal experience, practice, observation, and reflection.


Tacit Knowledge

Tacit Knowledge as a Source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage

How To Manage Tacit Knowledge




Hierarchies create barriers to knowledge sharing when they implicitly assume that wisdom accrues to those with the most impressive organizational titles.


Human Barriers to Knowledge Sharing




Strong preferences for analysis over intuition discouraging employees to offer ideas without "hard facts" to back it up.


Losing Organization

Silo Mentality




Penalties for failure discouraging experimentation.


Freedom to Fail




Strong preferences for a particular type of communication within working groups.

Fear of failing to express the inexpressible when trying to convert tacit knowledge into explicit one.

Inequality in status among the participants is a strong inhibitor for tacit knowledge sharing, especially when exacerbated by different frameworks for assessing information.




Uneasiness of expressing emotional life experiences rather than intellectual disagreements.

Distance, both physical separation and time.


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Know how to overcome barriers to knowledge sharing




Bill Gates advice

Reward people for contributing to a full flow of knowledge.

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Reward and celebrate new ideas to encourage others to want contribute as well.

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Inspire advocates. Mental diversity is very important you need individuals who celebrate different viewpoints.

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