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IT-powered Value Chain


e-Business: Cutting Costs and Generating Business Value

Best Practices at Intel Corp.


Adapted from 'IT: Transforming Business," Stacy Smith, Intel Corp.



Performance Management

By using consistent and repeatable methodology to predict and track project value before, during and post-implementation, Intel Corp. managed to cut costs and generate business value, says Stacy Smith, CIO of Intel Corp.

IT Leader: New Roles of a CIO

The transformation began when senior management challenged the IT department to prove the ROI of its solutions.

Benefits of e-Business

The result was a program that focused on quantifiable metrics designed to ensure that IT products, services and support delivered real business value. Rather than focusing on traditional IT metrics such as network capacity and uptake, the company looked at things like customer satisfaction and profitability.

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Internet Business and Revenue Models

For Intel, the contribution and results have been enormous. Within two years, Intel IT initiatives created more than $2.5 billion in business value for the company.

Several methods can be used to streamline IT and implement the two-pronged strategy which uses IT to:

1. streamline process and

2. gain efficiency.

Savings are invested in high-potential technology solutions that fundamentally change the way people work and what they can achieve. In short, its finding a way to cut costs while generating business value.

How To Create Greater Value Online


How To Cut Costs and Generate Business Value: Best Practices

  • Run IT like a business.

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  • Measure and manage IT business value using a consistent, repeatable methodology to predict and track project value before, during and post-implementation. This includes measurement and management of total IT costs to make people, processes and technology visible and quantifiable.

  • Move toward continuous process optimization and IT modernization to sustain competitive advantage.

  • Measure and manage overall IT capability including infrastructure, operations and skill sets.

  • Characterize the costs and risks of not moving forward. Research new technology trends that could transform your business or industry and use small pilots to evaluate potential value... More




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