Jack Welch, CEO, GE

GE: Creating a Great Organization

25 Lessons from Jack Welch

Articulate Your Vision

See Change as an Opportunity

Behave Like a Small Company

Live Speed    Simplify

Get Rid of Bureaucracy

Get Less Formal    Fun

Harness Your People

Make Everybody a Team Player

"You have just got to constantly focus on innovation. And more competitors. You've got to constantly produce more for less through intellectual capital. Shun the incremental, and look for the quantum leap." Now the fundamentals have got to be more education. More information knowledge, faster speeds, more technology across the board.

3Ss of Winning in Business

Invest in continuous education and training
Now, when everybody's job is many times faster than it was few years ago, the fundamentals have got to be more education, more information knowledge. "Everyone has to be gearing themselves to a faster pace, to more competitiveness, to more intellectual capital. That's the game."  >>>

Shun the incremental and go for the leap
Balance fast-growth, higher-risk businesses with dependable and steady ones. The rapid growth of a business may well be unpredictable. The dependable businesses, though, give a company "enormous staying power" and underpin a balanced portfolio. Constantly improve productivity. Successful companies value incremental gains. But make also Surprise moves. Disrupt yourself rather than be disrupted. Invest in young innovative firms, especially if a synergetic relationship between the venture and one of more of your businesses is possible.

Master of Business Synergies Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Search for the best ideas
Create an innovative atmosphere where people are confident that how far and fast they move is constrained only by the limits of their
creativity and drive and by their standards of personal excellence. Establish a "boundaryless" culture in which all employees at all levels of the company participate in innovation and problem solving. "The only ideas that count are the A ideas. There is no second place. That means we have to get everybody in the organization involved. If we do that right, the best ideas will rise to the top."  >>>

Smart & Fast Idea Evaluation Techniques

Practice systems thinking and holistic approaches
Seek to improve and optimize the totality of your business rather than the profits of its components. "Everything about this enterprise is doing more with less. It needs rejuvenation all the time. Quality is the next in the learning process. Getting rid of layers. Getting rid of fat. Involving everyone. All that was to get more ideas. The whole thing here is to create a learning organization."

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Invest in information technology and information management
"The Internet is the Viagra of big business," says Jack Welch. Today information is understood as a competitive necessity, from resolving internal organizational issues to addressing market-based competitive realities.

Spend an hour per week learning what competitors are doing
Spend time on their websites, or studying their ads, catalogues and conference papers.

Benefit from Your Competitors



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