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By making all his employees feel that they had a stake in the company’s future, Jack Welch was injecting a spirit of common purpose among GE’s employees and businesses.



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Business is all about capturing intellect from every person. The way to engender enthusiasm is to allow employees far more freedom and far more responsibility.

Jack Welch




Injecting a Spirit of Common Purpose

Though Jack Welch was empowering his employees through Work-Out and other processes, he didn’t want to label these processes empowerment. He preferred the phrase high involvement.

Below are some Welch's Principles of Employee Involvement.


GE Work-Out


5 Dimensions of Growth

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5 Sessions

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Start With Yourself

"Engaging everyone starts with you. Tell your boss that you would like to help him or her achieve his or her goals, and ask exactly what you can do that would help."



Create Greater Value for Others

Be a HOSTer




Encourage People To Take Initiative

"Make decisions yourself. If you are confident that you are right about something, don't just sit back and give in: you can change things, and urge upon your boss.”


Take Initiative


Empower Employees



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Soft skills Pyramid





Establish a Meritocracy

Establish a meritocracy in your company. Make hiring and promotion decisions based on ability and achievement.


Find the Right Fit for Every Employee

Individual Ratings





Use the Brains of Every Worker

Make sure that it is the person with the best idea who wins. Reward and celebrate new ideas to encourage others to want contribute as well. Reward those who live the company's values, show "guts", and, in doing so, make the numbers.


Ideation Techniques

Idea Management

Suggestion System

Simulation Games




Encourage People To Speak Out

Create an atmosphere where workers feel free to speak out. To engage every mind, every member of the team must feel comfortable enough to speak out.


Empower & Energize

Employee Feedback

Make Business Fun