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Be a venture marketer. Learn to sell, "Face-to-Face", "One-on-One".  Not just your product or service, but your entire business vision.

Use a financial calculator, become proficient in all aspects of finance for startup companies.  Weakness in the financial area will drastically reduce your chances of funding. 

Surround yourself with a quality team.  Build your network in sales, finance, and management.

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Take a public speaking course and learn to give tight presentation to tough audiences.


Venture Planning Checklist

Customer Assessment

Venture Model

Financial Assessment

Venture Evaluation and Reality Check

Dealing with Banks


Achieve Beyond Aspirations





Learn how to do the due diligence on those "too good to be true money sources".

Attend investor oriented meetings, a local Venture Capital Association meeting or the industry meetings for your business type. 

Angel investor groups are more difficult to find, however, some web resources may help.

Or find a local or virtual business incubator to assist you with your startup

To properly evaluate your own project,
put yourself in the place of investors, who want to know the answers to these six simple questions.

Making the Best of the Venture Capital Obtained


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