1.  Compelling Interest and Capabilities of the Entrepreneur Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Why do I want to start this business? If it is money, why and how much?

What 'needs' will it satisfy for yourself? Acceptance, Freedom, Power, Recognition, Security, or Service to others?

If you need partners, what truly drives them?

Are you in agreement with them on goals and styles?

What type of venture do you want to start and why?

What information do you have that may have a bearing on the new venture?





2. Entrepreneurial Assessment: Do you have what it takes?

What would represent success to you? Outrageous success?

What would represent a fun way to achieve that success?

What critical critical skills are required of you to achieve that success?

Do you have those skills? If not, how will you acquire them?

Do you have direct experience related to the venture? Industry, entrepreneurial, other?

10 Rules for Building a High-growth Business Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

How To Discover Opportunities

Startup Business Plan

Number of full time ventures started as a founding team member?

What key contacts, skills, education or other attributes will help you with this venture?

Do you have contacts to help you objectively evaluate this venture?

Do you have contacts that will help you finance Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book this venture?



Do you have contacts that will help you better understand your customers >>>

What personal benefit will this venture bring you?

Compare the answers to all three of these models (Good, Likely, and Worst Case Scenarios) and evaluate the results.



 Customer Assessment  >>  Stronger  Venture Model  >>  Financial Assessment  >>  Overall Venture Evaluation and Reality Check






Venture Map To Financing

Venture Planning  >>  Business Planning Chart  >>  The Funding Round  >>  Long Term Capitalization Planning

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  8 Key Entrepreneurial Questions