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Customer Opportunities and Market Assessment




Questions to Answer Before Starting Your Venture


3. Customer Opportunities

Is your venture based on a true marketplace need, not an idea from your family and friends? Do people really want this or do you think they need it? Want wins over need.

What do you really know about the marketplace? (Not just opinions, but real facts.)

What is happening in the marketplace to fill this need? What is   in the pipeline Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book of development?

What specific evidence do you have that the need really exists?

How long will the 'window of opportunity' be open? Based on what information?

Are there follow-on opportunities to allow a growing business and multiple products?

List all other customer needs and related backup data for your venture.


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4. Customers

Who specifically are your customers and how many of them currently exist? Missionary marketing is not recommended. Creating a solution where no problem exists is a formula for failure!

How will you get information to those customers?

Will you sell directly or indirectly to your customers?

Will you be selling to businesses, end users or resellers?

Have you talked to potential customers about their needs and how to best satisfy them?

What are your observations and is there a universal theme or solution?

Identify each major customer group and identify four key traits.

Describe the market distribution channels you will use and how you can best reach them.

Will you have direct contact with your customers?

What is your best estimate of total market size versus the number of customers you can reach?

How many can you get in the first year? Based on what assumptions?