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About Business Incubation

Business incubation is a dynamic process of business enterprise development. Incubators nurture young firms, helping them to survive and grow during the startup period when they are most vulnerable. The goal of business incubators is to produce healthy firms that create jobs and wealth, strengthen the economy, commercialize new technologies and revitalize communities.

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Revenue Model

Business incubators provide:

  • hands-on management assistance

  • access to financing

  • business and technical support services

  • shared office space, access to equipment.

Technology business incubators nurture high-tech start-up and present a technology oriented variant of business incubators.

Virtual Business Incubator

New knowledge economy creates brilliant opportunities for reinventing the traditional business incubation model. Creating a virtual innovation society ‒ actually, a virtual Silicon Valley ‒ for both both start-up firms and would-be entrepreneurs is not impossible any more after web-based and integrated Business e-Coaching and project management workspace models have been successfully launched... More

The Tree of Online Success

How To Create Greater Value Online

Internet Business and Revenue Models

Hybrid Virtual-Physical Business Incubator without Walls

The new hybrid Business E-ncubator without walls can not only think, but also act outside its box and provide effective IT-enabled business e-coaching, match-making, and project management services to thousands of its semi-virtual and virtual tenants - start-up companies... More



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