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Bringing About Change and Learning at the Same Time

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New Approach To Development

Real time development brings about change and learning simultaneously not separating the two. This approach is about "how to transform the development so that it means transforming the business whilst learning at the same time continuously improving and learning and getting a business pay-off as an integral part of it. This means embedding development into how we do business and seeing it as part of doing business."1

 2 Basic Business Growth Strategies

 Kaizen Mindset

 3 Strategies of Market Leaders

Strategic Thinking

In the new era of rapid change and unparalleled opportunity, the profitable and sustainable growth will go to the companies whose leaders can see possibilities beyond their traditional served markets. Today, innovative business leaders and most strategy experts do not regard strategy as planning but rather as thinking.

 Corporate Strategy: 2 Logics

 Competitive Strategies: 2 Types

"In a world in which unexpected change is a rule, you cannot foresee the future in any meaningful way of make plans for the realization of a detailed long term strategy," says Bruce Nixon.1... More

Feedback As an Elevator To Success

Having eyes and brains is not enough, you must know how to use them.

If you can learn from feedback, you can turn any experience into business success. Feedback helps you figure out the key factors you need to get right and decide what to do next if you are to succeed... More

Learning SWOT Questions

SWOT analysis can be effectively used as a strategic learning tool for analyzing feedback received from experimentation, beta testing, test marketing of new products and for making strategic decisions... More

SMART Business Architect (Ten3 Mini-course)



  1. "Making a Difference", Bruce Nixon