Managing Change

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The Wheel of Business Evolution

Managing the Complex Process of Organizational Change and Transformation


Managing Complexity
Robin Wood



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Why the Wheel of Business Evolution?

"In the new digital economy, things are changing hourly and
you have to be very adaptive, very flexible."
~ Kevin Kelly

The wheel of business evolution is a framework and set of tools which enables you to manage the complex process of organizational change and transformation more effectively. The sequence of the eight segments  business environment, business ecosystem, business design, leadership style, organizational values, management process, knowledge management systems, and performance measures reflects the learning cycle that occurs when outside-in or bottom-up learning takes place.

The Business Wheel of Evolution Enables You to:

Prioritize the various programs and initiatives for strategic and operational change in your business

Co-ordinate the various change initiatives in the organization

Benchmark progress made in those change initiatives

Balance the efforts made and resources devoted to change initiatives in accordance with their relative priorities and interrelationships

Link change initiatives tightly to the strategic innovation process