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5 Characteristics of a Winning  Team

1. Shared Values. Team members are looking for a "values fit" with their team. Without it, they won't give the team their best. Team members should participate in establishing shared values and values-based common goals if you wish them to live these values, be committed to these goals, and have a feeling of interdependence and ownership for their jobs and unit. Shared values become also your team's code of behavior as they define what is and isn't acceptable... More

9 Roles of a Team Leader

Management Team

Learning from Sports Teams

According to Nick Thornely and Dan Lees, authors of Winners Win and Losers Lose, winning sports teams:

  • have a great many winners in them; most of the players poised and confident, and although they may well be 'stars' in their own right they allow others to shine in order to hold a 'star team' together  >>>

  • often include winning groups and combinations which work together so well they seem to have a six sense, whereas in fact they have merely learned to cooperate to make each other winners and to make a team a winning team

  • have the winning habit and because they usually have more winning games behind them than otherwise they go into every game expecting to win

  • develop a synergy that comes from winning and which increases not by simple progression but exponentially: 11=11  >>>

  • develop both mental and physical energy to withstand adversity

  • create a winning atmosphere everyone surrounding them emerges as a winner

  • make winning contagious so that new comers soon acquire the team's magic

3Ss of Winning in Business

Surprise To Win: 3 Strategies

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