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Lean is about doing more with less.

"A good solution can be successfully applied to almost any problem."
~ Big Al's Law





Lean Techniques

Lean techniques are applicable not only in manufacturing, but also in service-oriented industry and service environment. In fact, the processes involved in lean are ideal for any business whose inventory accumulates in buffer stocks. Every system contains waste, i.e. something that does not provide value to your customer.


Lean vs. Traditional

Lean Production

Lean Enterprise

Just-in-Time (JIT)

Kaizen and Lean

Lean Six Sigma




Whether you are producing a product, processing a material, or providing a service, there are elements which are considered 'waste'. The techniques for analyzing systems, identifying and reducing waste, and focusing on the customer are applicable in any system, and in any industry.





Lean Thinking

Lean thinking may also be applied for getting rid of bureaucracy in your home office. To run your home office more effectively and faster you may need just as little as 10% of its current staff. Only executives who have a direct involvement with finding, keeping, or growing customers as well as key support staff accountants, tax, legal and human resources people should stay. Others can be rehabilitated by sending to an operating unit.


80/20 Thinking

Content Marketing

An Easy Way to turn Business Rules into an Interesting Story

Lean Production

Kaizen Mindset

Synergize EBPM, TQM and Six Sigma






Lean Startup

Lean startup is a methodology for developing businesses and products that aims to shorten product development cycles and rapidly discover if a proposed business model is viable. This is achieved by adopting a combination of business-hypothesis-driven 80/20 analysis, simulation and experimentation,  smooth market penetration, beta-testing, iterative product releases, and validated learning.


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