Keep your company opportunity-focused and capable of handling opportunities



Mobilize Your Organization

In opportunity-driven approach to business development, strategy process is both top-down and bottom-up. Opportunity-driven change is in large measure a result of the pursuit of opportunities by people at all levels that creates the building blocks for the strategy finally synthesized by top management. Thus mobilizing the organization is vitally important.

Mobilizing your organization means

1. encouraging people to want to pursue opportunities

2. allowing them the capability to do so, and

3. providing the means and conditions necessary to make the process possible.

This process often demands fundamental changes in the way your company operates.


Mobilize Your Organization

1. Create a sense of urgency

2. Enact new company rules

3. Develop capabilities for handling opportunities

4. Empower employees  >>>

5. Provide access to resources

6. Strengthen the commitment of management

7. Install evaluation and reward mechanisms


Hints for Keeping Your Company Opportunity-focused

Develop an open organization with many external links/partners

Train in "merchant" thinking (on/off job)

Train in managing the opportunity-development life-cycle (on/off job)

Provide the means for exchanging experience

Ensure that resources (time, money, people) are always available to explore opportunities