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5 Tips for Internet Startups

Advices from Founders of Great Internet Business

Source: TechCrunch40 Keynote Speakers: Humble Beginnings

David Filo, Co-founder of Yahoo

  • Be passionate about what you are doing, even if you fail people will enjoy the experience.

Chad Hurley, Co-founder of YouTube

  • Small teams work because you can “aerate” more quickly and solve problems.

  • Use the product yourself.

Marc Andreessen, Co-founder of Netscape

  • A founder should be CEO, don’t bring in CEO, professional CEO’s can dupe the company.

  • Beat off with a stick hiring to many people too soon, keeps burn rate down.


The Most Admired Entrepreneur

When asked "Who do they admire outside of your own company?", all the three entrepreneurs – David Filo, Chad Hurley, and Marc Andreessen – answered: "Steve Jobs".