Active Listening

Communication is a two-way relationship.

Influencing People: Yin-Yang Strategies

Active listening is a habit that you can and should develop. Being a great listener: benefits managers by reducing misunderstandings, improving information accuracy, and ensuring that they have complete information from which to work. Use feedback to make certain that communication has become understanding and consensus.

Employees, peers, and even your manager will open up more when they feel listened to... More

  • Establish an enabling environment so others could give you the information you need.

  • Practice management by wandering around (MBWA).

  • Take more time to listen.

  • Actively listen, ask for clarifications, don't focus on what you are going to say.

  • Ask more searching and coaching questions. Engage people in inquiry.

  • Provide performance feedback as needed. Effective feedback is needed in order for people to be held accountable and coached.