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Strategic Simulation Games and Game Theory

Strategic simulation games help you obtain insights into the way players in a market interact in specific circumstances and anticipate opponents' moves. Simulation games help you prepare surprise moves, develop market leadership strategies, innovation strategies,  especially venture strategies manage an innovation project. and create a new market niche / Blue Ocean niche.  >>>

Game theory is most beneficial in obtaining insights into the way players in a market interact in specific circumstances. Such an approach can not only help participants learn the right way to play but to understand competitor behavior and what is likely to happen if they alter the rules. Game theory has greatly expanded the scope of analysis for business strategy, sharpening corporate competitiveness and advancing policy.

War Games & Corporate Strategy Development

Competitive war games can help you simulate the competitive environment, uncover hidden vulnerabilities, and make critical changes that produce a more complete and effective competitive corporate strategy. While preparing your strategic plan, your need to consider competitors' moves as well as competitors' reactions to your own moves before committing to a specific strategy...More

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When you create radical innovations, entrepreneurial simulation games work far better
than classic
business planning, strategy formulation and project management methods

Innovation Football (Innoball)

Innoball helps you turn disruptive innovations to market success by developing winning entrepreneurial strategies, anticipating opponents' moves, train innovation teams and evaluate their strength >>>

Innovation Chess (Innochess)

Like in traditional chess, InnoChess strategy consists of setting and achieving long-term positioning advantages during the game, while tactics concentrate on immediate maneuver >>>

Innovation Football (Innoball) business game: competitive war games, innovation games, moves, guessing, expert evaluation

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KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools can be used in innovation games to invent entrepreneurial strategies, They create amazing synergy with simulation games "Innovation Football" and "Innovation Chess".  >>>

Innompic Internet Games (Innompics)

Innompics are Olympics for disruptive innovators.
Sports are great, but the modern world is led by innovators.
Olympics are for athletes. Innompics are for World changers.  >>>

Entrepreneurial Creativity Development Tools: Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools, Vadim Kotelnikov

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