A system is a complex whole, a set of components working together as parts of an interconnecting network.





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Systems define the flow of  activities involved in the daily operation of business, including its core processes and its support systems. They refer to the procedures, processes and routines that are used to build a balanced business, manage the organization and characterize how important work is to be done.




Systems include:

Management system

Business process management system (BPMS)

Management information system

Innovation system

Performance management system

Financial system / capital allocation system

Compensation system / reward system

Strategic motivation system

Customer satisfaction monitoring system

Organizational change system

Business Success 360

Balanced Business System

Management System

Systems Approach to Management

Systemic Innovation

Systems Thinking

Holistic Thinking for Business

Head of Growth




The Role of Business Architect

It is the task of the Business Architect to create a strategic business design and structure an enterprise in terms of its governance structure, systems, innovation management, processes, and cross-functional collaboration.

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