Idea Procurement

In order to flourish your firm's culture must encourage and nurture outside-the-box ideas rather than kill them. Suspend judgment in this case, "an idea will survive longer and will breed further ideas," advised Edward de Bono.


Encourage Generation of Radical Ideas

Loose-Tight Leadership

Idea Implementation




If an employee has a great idea and has it quickly squashed and mocked by their superiors they tend to stop sharing their thoughts in fear of more rejection and humiliation. An antagonistic culture that fights change of any kind is the ultimate idea crusher and will not be able to keep up with a fast changing society.




Let Ideas Blossom

Larry Yukron, owner of Adventure Experts and former Qwest Communication executive, related that several firms in Silicon Valley have installed a "five minute rule."
The rule permits anyone to suggest an idea.

Then for the first five minutes after the idea is expressed only positive comments can be made. By the time the idea is talked about for five minutes it has usually spun into an impromptu brainstorm session that cultivates truly great ideas and some form of the discussion is often implemented.


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Climate for Ideation

Firms today must enthusiastically welcome new ideas and suggestions. If an idea is properly given attention it just may become a solution to a problem, the next great marketing campaign, or even the perfect incubator for your next innovative product or service.




Idea Implementation

Furthermore, we must be certain to do something with all generated ideas. If we encourage ideas, and then sit on them without taking any action, we will not get ideas generated in the future. In addition, if we must reject or decide not to implement an idea without providing an adequate justification, firms will lose the future goodwill and creativity of these individuals.

One way to implement most promising ideas is to empower their authors to become intrapreneurs or leaders of idea implementation projects.


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Your company must have a Head of Growth who would lead and oversee implementation of both radical and evolutionary ideas. Empower authors of most promising ideas to become intrapreneurs or leaders of idea-implementation projects.


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INNOBALL Innovation Brainball entrepreneurial simulation game INNOBALL (Innovation Brainball) entrepreneurial simulation game will help innovators achieve amazing results far beyond their initial aspirations.


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Idea Procurement and Implementation


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