Business Synergies Approach to Project Management

The entrepreneurial Business-Synergies approach to project management requires you to manage the project as if it were an independent business venture. But you must also manage with the larger organizational system in mind. You need to understand how the elements of the project affect the business as a whole and how elements of the business influence the project.

Entrepreneurial management is fundamentally different  from corporate management that is focused on delivering the annual operating plan. You need to consider your project and your project outcome lifecycle in a wider context of the overall organizational strategy... More




Strategic Project Management

There is about the same need for more localized intrapreneurial strategic thinking for specific projects as there is at higher organizational level.

Strategic Thinking is useful for:

preparing and INNOBALL strengthening the business case

checking whether a particular project is the appropriate vehicle for the corporate strategy implementation;

preparing a project plan, anticipating implementation challenges generating other options for implementing the project and ;

SWOT Analysis: analyzing the project's internal strengths and weaknesses, understanding key opportunities and threats that the project faces in its environment; asking and answering learning SWOT questions ;

interrelating the project with others in order to understand its total rationale, value and strategic contribution; synergizing diverse projects.