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Quantum is a global leader in storage, delivering highly reliable backup, recovery and archive solutions. The company established cross-functional innovation teams  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book to accomplish two purposes:

1. to drive decisions downward;  Loose-Tight Leadership
2. to increase innovation speed via real-time involvement of all relevant functions.

Systemic Innovation: 7 Areas  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Establishing innovation teams and divisions are two changes that have enabled the firm to grow rapidly.  >>>

Innovation teams at Quantum are truly empowered.

  • Teams are not only accountable but also resourced with the best functions have to offer and are looked to by entire organization as the central execution vehicle for innovation  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book.

  • Team members receive significant compensation for their efforts, with an upside depending on results.

  • Teams can give considerable financial awards to individuals who are not on the team but helped achieve success.

  • Team participation is the obvious career path for executive positions.

  • Executives  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and functions automatically channel any issue for which the team is responsible, including outside customer inquiries, directly to the team.

  • Teams are crisply launched. There is zero lag time from when the team decides to pursue an innovation initiative to when the team is completely staffed and charging forward.

The Jazz of Innovation: 11 Practice Tips  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

  • The natural and ongoing pull between the teamís needs and those of the functions is not a source of tension.

  • Teams work closely with functions. Strong functions make strong teams, and teams improve functional performance and capabilities.


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