Challenging Assumptions

Tips for Challenging Assumptions


Adapted from: The Leader's Guide To Lateral Thinking, Paul Sloane


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4 WHYs of True Success

  • Play an External Observer: pretend you are a complete outsider and ask questions like 'Why do you do it this way at all?' >>>

  • Unpackage the Problem: reduce a situation to its simplest components in order to take it out of your environment

  • Reframe: consider an issue from many different angles; restate a problem in different terms

  • Imagine the Opposite: consider what the experts and professionals advise and then consider doing the opposite.



Can't decide which path to take at a crossroads?
Don't think − listen to your heart and take ... none of those.
Forge your own path!"

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"A ship in port is safe; but that is not what ships are built for.
Sail out to sea and do new things."
~ Grace Hopper


"Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream."
Malcolm Muggeridge