Sustainable Growth:

Corporate Capabilities

Business Enablers

Higher-Order Levers of Performance for Managing Complexity of Large Firms

Source: The Centerless Corporation, by Bruce A.Pasternack and Albert. J. Viscio

Executive summary by Vadim Kotelnikov

"Companies have always adapted to larger and more complex forms by having management focus higher-order levers of performance." ~ Bruce A.Pasternack and Albert. J. Viscio


Main Functions of Business Enablers

  1. Enabling the firm to become more distributed yet act as one

  2. Putting the capabilities in place for the right action to occur

  3. Enabling decisions that are in the interest of the corporation as a whole

  4. Ensuring the right resources and skills exist for the company to compete and grow



Three Key Business Enablers

  1. People a motivated and committed set of talented employees is critical to business success

  2. Knowledge what the firm knows to create and deliver value. It includes: know-how of creating value; processes of how the firm works; best practices; customer intelligence; new business concepts; R&D; and competitive intelligence

  3. Coherence what holds the firm together; the glue that binds the various pieces, enabling them to act as one. It includes: shared vision and values; numerous linkages across the company; communications and communication infrastructure; management processes like planning, human resource management, and knowledge management

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Managing Business Enablers

Managing business enablers represents a significant shift of focus, but does not replace managing the business. It is something that must be done on top of normal duties. "Business enablers represent a higher-order set of levers than the financial performance of the business units in the corporate portfolio. While the financial performance is extremely important, the ability of corporate management to influence that performance is greatly enhanced through the three enablers of people, knowledge and coherence."

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You need access to the right set of people if you wish to get to the right decisions quickly, to distribute responsibility, and to be at the leading edge of competitive performance.

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In the rapidly changing new economy, you need both more business skills and more people skills. You also need a new partnership-based relationship with employees that forms the bonds of understanding of how they benefit as the firm benefits.

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