Managing Change:

Organizational Change

Behavioral Change

The Starting Point of Your Organizational Change Program

By: Vadim Kotelnikov

Founder, Ten3 Business e-Coach Inspiration and Innovation Unlimited!


"Your will never forcefully change someone else, but by liking that person as he or she is and helping them to like themselves even more, you will give them the most amazing power to change themselves." ~ Carl Adams, psychoanalyst


Components of a Behavioral Change Program

  1. Top management sponsorship

  2. Communication

  3. Sponsor-agent-target effort

  4. Incentives

Getting the Best Long-Term Results

To influencing people and achieve behavioral change,

  • don't try to impress them, rather express how much you care about them

  • don't talk much, rather listen to them

  • don't focus on giving the right answers, rather ask the right questions



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Structuring Your Change Program


The challenge and the shape of an organization's behavioral change program depends on the corporate culture and the targeted behaviors that need to be changed. Your change program needs to be explicitly built around these challenges. "Very often, these programs involve the creation of incentives which elegantly reinforce the desired behavior (and therein reinforce the change loop in the learning dynamic)."1

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"As we launched into our growth strategy, I realized that I didn't feel right: something was missing," says Antony Burgmans, Co-chairman of Unilever. "We were doing all the right things: a new, focused strategy; shareholder support; a new organization structure; and good people in place. But something was wrong the critical piece was missing. What I saw was that even though we had an excellent change strategy, and an inspiring vision, what was really required to bring about change at Uniliver was a new culture, a new leadership mindset, and new behaviors."... More

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Starting with Yourself

The best place to start change is with yourself. If whatever you do doesn't work, you must be flexible you must change your action plan if the current one does not produce the required results. If you want other people to change, you must be prepared to make the first step yourself.

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If you cannot change your environment, you should change your attitude. To achieve effective personal change, consider practicing the NLP Technology of Achievement that was specially developed to discover how people can excel, and most particularly when managing change how to create the 'difference that makes the difference'... More



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