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Corporate Culture

Strategies for Building a Growth Culture

  • Emphasize the future, not the past... More


Effective Innovation Process

7 Lessons from Silicon Valley Firms

  1. Produce top quality at lightning speed...  More

IDEO's 6 Innovation Practice Tips


The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

  1. The Law of the Leadership

It's better to be the first than it is to be better.

... More

5 Strategic Questions

You Should Ask to Understand Where Your Business Is Going

By: Jack Welch

  • In the last three years, what have your competitors done?... More

Inspirational Leadership

10 Roles

10 Lessons from Konosuke Matsushita

The Art of Innovation: 9 Truths

By: Guy Kawasaki

  • Jump to the next curve. Too many companies duke it out on the same curve. If they were daisy wheel printer companies, they think innovation means adding Helvetica in 24 points. Instead, they should invent laser printing. True innovation happens when a company jumps to the next curve – or better still, invents the next curve, so set your goals high... More


"You're headed in the right direction when you realize the customer viewpoint is more important than the company viewpoint. It's more productive to learn from your customers instead of about them." ~ John Romero

Steve Jobs' 12 Rules of Success

  1. Strive to become a market leader. Own and control the primary technology in everything you do. If there's a better technology available, use it no matter if anyone else is not using it. Be the first, and make it an industry standard.... More

Entrepreneurial Leader: 4 Specific Attributes

Blue Ocean Strategy: 6 Principles

Blue ocean strategy is about revolutionary value innovation.

The six principles drive the successful formulation and execution of Blue Ocean Strategy. These principles attenuate the six risks... More

 Case in Point  7-Part Competitive Strategy of Microsoft

Although Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft, built his empire on technological products, his business mastery is even more important than his technical skills, and his competitive urge is a huge driving force.

The early success of Microsoft was founded on the company's 7-part competitive strategy... More

 Case in Point  Toshiba

Toshiba’s approach is to develop strategic alliances with different partners for different technologies because a single company cannot dominate any technology or business by itself... More

Fast Company

In the new economy where everything is moving faster and it's only going to get faster, the new mantra is, "Do it more with less and do it faster".3... More

 Case in Point  Google: 10 Golden Rules

Encourage Creativity. Google engineers can spend up to 20 percent of their time on a project of their choice. There is, of course, an approval process and some oversight, but basically we want to allow creative people to be creative. One of our not-so-secret weapons is our ideas mailing list: a companywide suggestion box where people can post ideas ranging from parking procedures to the next killer app. The software allows for everyone to comment on and rate ideas, permitting the best ideas to percolate to the top... More

New Business Models

Traditional corporations, using old business models, are overstructured, overcontrolled, and overmanaged, but underled. Top managers should rather concentrate on that handful of real managerial leadership tasks that will bring success in the future.

Thus, a new business model is emerging, a model where "most of key missions of the organization are distributed to the myriad individual pieces and unity comes from the vigor of people and the free flow of knowledge, not a burdensome central headquarters."4... More

  New Business Models


Four Types of Market Dominance Strategies...

Three Generic Business and Marketing Strategies...

Differentiation Strategy...

Strategic Intent...

Fast Company...

Owning Your Sustainable Competitive Advantage...

Fast Decision Making...

Eliminating Bureaucracy...

Relentless Growth Attitude...

Driving Growth Through Innovation...

Idea Management...

Radical Innovation...

Leading Innovation...

Value Innovation...

Strategy Innovation...

New-to-the-World Product Development...

Process Innovation...

Technology Innovation...

Flat Organization...

The Fun Factor...

Marketing Innovation...

The Power of Taking a Different View...

Entrepreneurial Action...

Managing Innovation by Cross-functional Teams...

 Case in Point  IDEO...

 Case in Point  AT&T: Developing New Credit Card Service...

 Case in Point  Silicon Valley Companies...

 Case in Point  British Petroleum...

 Case in Point  Quantum...

 Case in Point  Charles Schwab...

 Case in Point  GE...

 Case in Point  Dell...

 Case in Point  Fun4Biz...

 Case in Point  Innovarsity...

 Case in Point  VVVl...

 Case in Point  Innoball...



Larry Elison advice

All you can do is every day, try to  solve a problem and make your company better.

Larry Elison


Akio Morita advice quotes Sony

One of the reasons we went through such a remarkable growth period was that we had this atmosphere of free discussion.  >>>

Akio Morita



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  1. Differentiate or Die, Jack Trout with Steve Rivkin

  2. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, Al Ries, Jack Trout and Paul Temporal

  3. It's not the BIG and eats the SMALL... it's the FAST that eats the SLOW, J. Jennings and L. Haughton

  4. The Centerless Corporation, by Bruce A.Pasternack and Albert. J. Viscio

  5. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't, Jim Collins

Strategies of Market Leaders

Business Leader 360

Business Architect

Energize Employees

Effective Leadership

The 4 Es and 6 Rules for Leadership

Sustainable Growth Strategies

6Ws of Corporate Growth

Differentiation Strategy

4 Steps of Your Differentiation Strategy

Brand Management

Competitive Strategies

The  Role of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Winning Organization

8 Steps To Creating an Innovative Organization

How To Transform Your Business Into an Innovative Culture

Liberate Employees from the Fear of Trying New Things

Inspiring Corporate Culture

5 Strategies for Creating a Culture for Innovation


Systemic Innovation

Continuous Innovation and Improvement at Fidelity Investments

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11 Practice Tips

Business Processes

The Toyota Way: 14 Principles