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versus (vs.)

Meaning "in contrast to"    Examples

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The most important
is to find
the most important difference that makes the difference


"vs." can mean different things. The four main meanings of the proposition "vs." are “in contrast to", "as the alternative of”, "as opposed to",  and “against".

In research and education, "vs." means "in contrast to". It helps to find the difference that makes the difference.






Good vs. Bad Communicator

Good communicators say more with less – both verbally and non-verbally. "The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter – it is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning," advised Mark Twain.


Coaching vs. Micromanaging

Coaching: Asking Questions vs. Telling

Coaching: Good vs. Bad Feedback






Soft Innovation vs. Hard Innovation









versus (vs.) - meaning (in contrast to), examples (best, leader...


Higher Self vs. Lower Self

Higher Creativity vs. Lower Creativity

New vs. Old Management Model

Empowerment vs. Delegation


Leading vs. Managing Change

Transformational vs. Transactional Leadership

Hard vs. Soft Innovation

Radical vs. Incremental Innovation

Leading vs. Lagging Companies

Business Development: Steve Jobs vs. Others

Venture Management vs. Lifestyle Corporate Management

Strategy Pyramid vs. Strategy Stretch

Strategic vs. Classic Management

Trend Watching vs. Traditional Market Research

Blue-Ocean vs. Red-Ocean Strategy

Strategic Innovation vs. Strategy

Strategy Innovation vs. Strategy Outsourcing

Strategic vs. Conventional Project Management

Strategic Alliances vs. Transactions

Intrapreneurial vs. KPI Mentality

Continuous-Improvement vs. Mass-Production Firm

Kaizen vs. Innovation




Cultural Differences





Chinese vs. Americans

Competitive Advantage: U.S. vs. Japanese Firms

Total Quality Management (TQM): Japan vs. the West

Smart Problem Solving: Russians vs. Americans


East vs. West

Life Wheel

Life Values

Being Different





An Example of Cultural Differences within Europe

Belarus vs. Western Europe

Soul and life values as expressed in their most popular songs