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Being 'Inclusive' means, in practice1

  • including objectives other than financial one in the company's stated goals

  • measuring performance in non-financial areas and reporting to stakeholders and the public at large

  • including consideration of the long-term health of the company when budgeting and planning

  • including the company's business partners in dialogue and policy making groups and including consideration of their interests when making decisions

  • including the impact on the community as a factor to be weighed when making decisions

  • including people at all levels in the organization in sharing the rewards of success

  • including people in all parts of the organization in opportunities to lead

Five Stages of the Inclusive Approach

1. Define your company's purpose and values

2. Review key relationships and engage with stakeholders  >>>

3. Define success and the critical success factors

4. Measure and report performance

5. Reward and reinforce


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Balanced Approach to Business Systems

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Shared Values    Values-based Leadership

Inclusive Approach

At the heart of the inclusive approach is the belief that understanding needs of all stakeholders   customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, society, and the environment and incorporating them into enterprise strategy and sustainable value creation activities are central to the achievement of sustainable growth and competitiveness.1

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Inclusive Leadership

As an inclusive leader, you must adopt and live a set of values, which places human relationships centre stage and which defines the purpose of your enterprise in other than purely financial or commercial terms. "Such set of values will include respect for the individual, the elevation of service above self-interest, restraint in the use of power, and not, least, a concern for sustainable development... This leadership will need to be found not only in the organization's management but also among employees, customers, investors, suppliers and the community."1... More

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Results-based Leadership

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Help Every Individual to Find the Right Fit

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Winning Corporate Culture




Case Studies Dell

Dell is committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner around the globe... More

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1. Building Tomorrow's Company, Philip Sadler

2. Living Tomorrow's Company, M. Goyder