Innovation Strategy:

Technology Innovation

Developing a Technological Vision

Ensuring the Clarity of Approach and Focus


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Corporate Strategy: 2 Logics

Examples Far-Reaching Meta-Technologies

that Can Influence Development of Your Technological Vision

  • Information and communication technologies – spreading new means of managing great volumes of information in real time, computerized design, automation, process control, and communication throughout the production and service sectors

  • Nanotechnology – molecular manufacturing that can make technically feasible extremely novel inventions, computers billions of times faster, and self-assembling consumer goods

  • New biotechnologies – revolutionizing the agriculture, chemicals, food and health industries

  • New synthetic materials – substituting for natural and old synthetic materials

  • New energy technologies, both production and transmission – affecting the use of energy and its economics


Why Technological Vision?

Studies of successful large innovative firms conclude that all of them had found ways of overcoming the problem of short-term pressures.

However, not all companies with a long-time horizon are innovative and long-term horizons alone do not lead to innovativeness. Success comes from the fact that a few key individuals have a broad vision of what their organizations can accomplish for the world.

Successful companies would also have a strong market orientation at the top of the organization and explicit mechanisms to force market-technical interactions lower down. It is the clarity of approach and focus, and the ability to communicate this to other stakeholders, which helps to obtain strategic investments required for long-term success in acquiring and exploiting technology.

Impact of Meta-Technologies on Your Vision

Meta-technology are those which have the capacity to radically transform many sectors of the global economy. Meta-technologies can create both problems and opportunities for your organization as their potential application spreads through different industries and countries. These technologies can change patterns of supply and distribution, bases of competition, and your company's core products and processes.

Examples of meta-technologies include information and communication technologies; nanotechnology; new biotechnology; new synthetic materials; and new energy production and transmission technologies.

 Case in Point  Lessons from Silicon Valley Firms

Deciding If Your Innovation Portfolio Has Enough Stretch

Adapted from Relentless Growth, Christopher Meyer

  1. Balance between revolutionary and evolutionary initiatives. First, Silicon Valley companies assess the overall balance between revolutionary and evolutionary projects. The ultimate arbitrator of portfolio stretch if the innovation leaders’ judgment, experience, intuition, and luck... More