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Strategic Management  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

New approaches for the new era of rapid and systemic change

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Strategic Intent Opportunity-driven Business Development Corporate Strategy Vision Mission Goals Business Strategies Discovering Opportunities Pursuing Opportunities Ten3 Business e-Coach (full version) 3 Hierarchical Levels of Corporate Strategy Dynamic Corporate Strategy Strategy Pyramid vs. Strategy Stretch: Vision, Strategic Intent, Mission, Strategic Achievement

Choosing Between the Strategy-driven and the Opportunity-driven Business Development6

Use Strategy Approach

Use Opportunity Approach

Known environment

Unknown environment

Stable environment

Unstable environment

Building on existing competencies, capabilities, products, markets

Building on new competences, capabilities, products, markets

Need consolidation

Need rapid growth

Need stability and certainty

Need change, accept uncertainty

Lack capacity for flexibility, corporate venturing, and speed

Established capacity for flexibility, corporate venturing, and speed

Leadership-Management Synergy

Leaders: Pursue opportunities. Managers: Reduce risks.

Resulting synergy: Strategic Achievement... More


Competitive Strategies

Survival Strategies

Market Leadership Strategies

Incremental Innovation

Radical innovation & Venture strategies

... More

5 Strategic Questions

You Should Ask to Understand Where Your Business Is Going

By: Jack Welch

  • In the last three years, what have your competitors done?... More

3 Strategies of Market Leaders

Visionary Growth Strategies

  • Vision and Stretch

  • Competitive and Marketing Strategies

  • Best Practices... More

Creating Competitive Disruption

7 Strategies

  • Develop the ability to surprise

  • Develop ability to move quickly... More

How To Be A Great Strategic Thinker

Top 10 Essential Requirements

  1. Essential Element #1: You must have a vision. And you must be great at thinking with a strategic purpose and creating a visioning process. Great strategic thinkers are visionaries... More

SWOT Analysis

Questions To Answer

  • What is your strongest business asset?

  • What unique resources do you have?

  • What do you offer that makes you stand out from the rest?... More



Enterprise Strategy

Successful companies Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book are those that focus their efforts strategically.

Corporate vision

Strategy should be a Stretch exercise, not a fit exercise. To meet and exceed customer satisfaction, your business team needs to follow an overall organizational strategy. A successful strategy adds value for the targeted customers over the long run by consistently meeting their needs better than the competition does... More

3 Strategies of Market Leaders Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

The Overall Purpose

The overall purpose of the experimental strategic learning and management process is to establish which strategic options or elements thereof are robust across the scenarios and use the most healthy elements to develop your strategic intent – your core strategic focus or theme.

New Systemic Approach

Old strategic management schools, often fighting between themselves, favor different single-sided approaches to strategy formulation. The currently dominant view of business strategy resource-based theory – is based on the view of the company as a collection of capabilities. This view of strategy has a coherence and integrative role that places it well ahead of other mechanisms of strategic decision making... More



Strategic Cross-Functional Management

Strategic cross-functional management is central to capitalizing on functional excellence, and in order for functional specialists to make the greatest possible contribution, they must take a broader view of their functions and understand how they fit into the web of the organizational processes and, ultimately, into the overall strategy... More

6 Attributes of Successful CEOs

  1. Creating, Communicating and Executing a Clear Vision, Goals and Strategy. An executive's success is affected by the ability to communicate a vision for a company's future, helping employees to navigate through change and motivating them to achieve specific goals... More

Build Your Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Sustainable competitive advantage is the prolonged benefit of implementing some unique value-creating strategy based on unique combination of internal organizational resources and capabilities that cannot be replicated by competitors... More

Business Architect

Today's companies need business architects who can take a systems view of a business and build synergies.

Business architect is a person who initiates new business ventures or leads business innovation, designs a winning business model, and builds a sustainable balanced business system for a lasting success... More

Managing for Results

To achieve results, you should develop a solid, sound, customer-focused, and entrepreneurial strategy, aimed at market leadership, based on innovation, and tightly focused on decisive opportunities... More

Blue Ocean Strategy: 6 Principles

Blue Ocean Strategy is about revolutionary value innovation.

The six principles drive the successful formulation and execution of Blue Ocean Strategy. These principles attenuate the six risks... More

Inspirational Business Plan: Successful Innovation

Operational Plan: "We don’t have a traditional strategy process, planning process like you’d find in traditional technical companies. It allows Google to innovate very, very quickly, which I think is a real strength of the company." – Eric Schmidt... More

 Lessons from Silicon Valley Firms  

Deciding If Your Innovation Portfolio Has Enough Stretch

Adapted from Relentless Growth, Christopher Meyer

  1. Balance between revolutionary and evolutionary initiatives. First, Silicon Valley companies assess the overall balance between revolutionary and evolutionary projects. The ultimate arbitrator of portfolio stretch if the innovation leaders’ judgment, experience, intuition, and luck... More

Creating a Culture for Innovation

By: Soren Kaplan

Shaping culture, especially when it comes to creating a culture of innovation, is a daily task that involves elevating the mundane to the strategic.

By managing the strategic levers of culture, and by practicing the strategies of envisioning, communicating and sponsoring, it becomes possible to create a culture of innovation and drive long-term strategic advantage... More

Inspiring Corporate Culture: 5 Elements

4 Entrepreneurial Strategies

By: Peter Drucker

  • Being "the Fastest and the Mostest" the "greatest gamble", aiming from the beginning at permanent leadership... More

Three Primary Criteria to Assess Your Innovation Portfolio

Besides assessing each initiative individually for risk, investment, return, and timing, assess your total portfolio to ensure that you have the right initiatives in it:

  1. Stretch and strategic fit. How much does your portfolio push the industry frontiers, and how well does it fit with your business goals and strategy? ... More


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  Ten3 Global Business Learning Report

Strategic Management    More





  1. Strategic Management, Alex Miller

  2. Strategic Management - Competitiveness and Globalization, M.A. Hint, R.D. Ireland, and R.E. Hoskisson

  3. Strategic Enterprise Management Systems, Martin Fahy

  4. Strategy  Safari, Henry Mintzberg, Bruce Ahlstrand, and Joseph Lampel

  5. Strategy and the Delusion of Grand Designs, John Kay

  6. Changing Strategic Direction, Peter Skat-Rordam

  7. It's not the BIG and eats the SMALL... it's the FAST that eats the SLOW, J.Jennings and L. Haughton

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