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Filling the Emerging Market Need

OneShift is an online jobs network for the casual, part time, shift work and flexible workforce. OneShift's business model is based on the new global trend: people are always looking for change and the next thing, while businesses are shifting towards more flexible work arrangements.

The Founder

At the age of 23, Genevieve George, the founder and CEO of OneShift, is a world-famous and an award-winning entrepreneur. She is a great example of a young, energized, vibrant and confident Australian female entrepreneur who wants to grow her business into a big global company.  Her quest to impact society and adventurous spirit is admirable.

6+6 Drivers for Entrepreneurship

Gen George was just 21 years old when she came up with the OneShift business idea while while she was backpacking in France. Many of the people who were staying at her hostel needed to find short-term odd jobs to support their travels. George helped to organize people with jobs. This experience inspired her and she invented the OneShift concept.

How To Discover Opportunities

Genevieve implemented her idea when she returned to Australia and persuaded her father to invest.

“I’ve always had a job ... because my family had this mentality that if you want to go to the movies on Friday night, you’ve got to go earn some money to do it,” George says.2 “Getting an allowance from my dad was never ever going to happen to myself or my siblings, so getting him to invest in this business was interesting. We were on a plane to Melbourne – I planned it so he couldn’t escape – and I had written a business plan, which is actually hilarious to look at now. I showed him what we’d done, that we had 300 uni students using it and some clubs, so we started debating and arguing, and by the time we landed in Melbourne, he’s like ‘this might actually work’.”

Rapid Growth

OneShift was launched with a Wordpress site in June 2012 and quickly gained traction.  After two years of operation, OneShift supported over 336,000 job seekers and 33,000 businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

In October 2013, the Sydney-based technology start-up secured a $5 million investment from recruitment company Programmed. Programmed took a 27.5 % stake, implying an $18.2 million valuation for the business. The remaining 72.5 % is held by George and her family.

Value Created for Job Seekers

How To Create Greater Value Online

OneShift is an online job network which matches people with jobs, employees with employers. This can be anything from one-off shifts, casual work or permanent employment. OneShift allows employees to market themselves through pictures, video introductions and very visual profiles.

The flexible recruitment model allows people to find short-term jobs, try new things and pick up new skills over different jobs.  Having access to the odd-job market and being visible to employers means people don’t have to stay in one role for so long.

Company leaders want to create a flexible lifestyle for people. Their strategic plan is to have a job seeker get on a plane, land in a new place and find a job as well as a place to stay.

Customer Care

Value Created for Recruiters

Businesses using OneShift can be pro-active when it comes to recruitment. Unique matching system gives them access to all their job candidates. Employers can see a job seeker's availability, skills, qualifications and location before the interview.

The number one thing recruiters find themselves frustrated with is the time wasted waiting for applications to come in. For recruiters, the genius behind One Shift is it allows them to be proactive about recruitment. They can view and search candidate profiles to contact the people who are most suitably matched for the roles to be filled.

OneShift can help employers get positions filled within minutes. The star-rating system also allows a business to see the reviews given by previous employers to job seekers.

Revenue Model

Employers looking for workers can post a job ad for $30 for 15 days.

Both job seekers and businesses can sign-up for free. Workers, who are typically 18-34 years old, can sign up for free and are able to specify the type of work they are interested in.

Using Social Networks

Workers can connect with friends via Facebook. This allows job seekers to see which businesses they may have a connection with and enables businesses to verify someone they are interested in.

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