Soft Skills


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PowerPoints for Teachers     Leadership Success 360


Leader 360  >>>

Leadership Success 360    Leadership in 20 minutes

What Leadership Is About    Leadership Advice

Followers    The Tao of Leadership

Self-Leadership    Self-Coaching

Team Leader    Leading a Venture

Project Leader  >>  Radical Project Leader

Lateral Leadership  >>  DOs and DON'Ts  /  10 Tips

Leader as Servant    Leading Up    Manage Expectations

Change Management

Create Change    Lead Change

Transformational Leadership >> 3 Goals

Fast Decision Making    Tao  >>  I-Chin

People Skills

Inspire People    Attitude Motivation    Influence

Help People Grow  >>  Provide the Strategic Direction

Communication    Business Communication

Impactful Presenter  >>  Inspire Change


Leadership Attributes

Managerial Leadership

Leadership Styles

KoRe 10 Tips    Leadership-Management Synergy

Leadership vs. Management  >>  Actions

12 Leadership Roles    Leading Down

Corporate Leader  >>  Successful  /  6 Rules

Inspirational Leader  >>  10 Tips    LQ

Strategic Leadership  >>  8 Functions

Entrepreneurial Leader    Leading a Venture

Innovation Leader  >>  SCITECH Attributes

Creative Leadership  >>  DOs and DON'Ts  /  How To

Results-based    Managing for Results

Market Leadership Strategies

Leadership Development

GE Leadership Effectiveness Survey

12 Major Causes of Failure in Leadership

Values-based    Principles-Centered    Situational

Super-Leadership    Extreme >> 10 Tips

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