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Vadim Kotelnikov The Wheel of Personal Success Vadim Kotelnikov Quotes Continuous Learning Inspiring Vision Changing Yourself Taking Action Dealing with Failure Confucius Quotes Happiness Pearls of Wisdom Technology of Achievement Self-Improvement Success Secrets Persistence Quotes Success 360 The WHEEL of PERSONAL SUCCESS: Inspiring Vision, Learning, Willingness To Change, Taking Action, Persistence Vadim Kotelnikov Quotes Effective Communicaton Your People Skills Create Greater Value for People Around You Create Greater Value for People Around You Effective Listening Asking Effective Questions How To Speak So That People Listen Building Relationships Connecting With People Building Trust Establishing Rapport Influencing People Empathy Persuading People Coaching Effective Leadership Inspirational Leadership Energizing People Empower Others Success 360 PEOPLE SKILLS 360: Creating Value for People Around You, Communicating, Building Relationships, Influencing People, Leading

Achievement Management Coaching Yourself Effective Communication Understanding Perceptions Effective Listening Asking Effective Questions Effective Speaking Making Effective Presentations People Skills Knowing People Building Relationships Connecting with People Influencing People Effective Leadership Strategic Thinking Team Building and Teamwork Energizing People Coaching Vadim Kotelnikov Defining Your Vision Setting Your Goals Self-discovery and Self-improvement Managing Your Attitude Entrepreneurial Creativity Continuous Learning Cross-pollination of Ideas Creativity Discovery

Vadim Kotelnikov Quotes Success360 website Stretch Goals Meditation Innovation Is Love Feedback Is Your Elevator To Success Life-Business Synergy Define Your Vision Business Model The Wheel of Life Be Different and Make a Difference! Passion Quotes Continuous Learning Entrepreneurial Creativity Discovery Persistence Quotes Yin and Yang Taking Action Self-Motivation Happiness 360: the Three Loves Ten3 Business e-Coach: Graphic Maps LIFE-BUSINESS SYNERGY

Entrepreneurial Creativity Personal Development Achievement Technology Creativity Entrepreneurial Skills People Skills Discovering Opportunities Opportunity Pursuing Fast Company Opportunity-driven Business Development Sustainable Competitive Advantage Competitive Strategies The Art of Competing Change Management Creating Customer Creating Customer Value Winning Customers Retatining Customer Vadim Kotelnikov Quotes New Business Models Venture Management Innovation Management Entrepreneurial Organization Innovation Is Love Ten3 Business e-Coach (graphical maps)

Corporate Leader 12 Effective Leadership Roles Corporate Vision, Mission, Goals Shared Values Leading Change Leading by Example Demonstrating Confidence Visioning Inspiring People Energizing People Employee Empowerment Motivating and Communicating Energizing Employees Empower Others Team vs. Group Team Building and Teamwork Effective Listening 25 Lessons from Jack Welch: INVOLVE EVERYONE Coaching Vadim Kotelnikov Quotes Ten3 Business e-Coach 12 Leadership Roles

25 Lessons from Jack Welch: PUT VALUES FIRST Harnessing the Power of Diversity Manging Change Set Directions: Corporate Vision, Mission, Goals Mobilize Individual Commitment - Harness Your People for Competitive Advantage Face Reality Build Organizational Capability (25 Lessons from Jack Welch) Integrity Focus on the Future: Articulate Your Vision See Change as an Opportunity Lead by Example Share Power & Authority: Employee Empowerment Build Collaborative Relationships: Team Building & Teamwork Emotional Intelligence Leadership Attributes Effective Leadership Character and Personality Continuous Learning

Charater and Personality People Skills Technology of Achievement Leadership Attributes Leadership Balanced Business System Business Success Rules Winning Organization Synergizing Business Processes Strategic Management Enterprise Strategies Corporate Leader Competitive Strategies Strategic Achievement Effective Management New Management Model Results-based Leadership 25 Lessons from Jack Welch Vadim Kotelnikov Innovation Systemic Innovation Innovation Strategies Corporate Innovation System Ten3 Business e-Coach: Graphical Maps SMART EXECUTIVE, TOP MANAGER, CORPORATE LEADER: Smart Leader, Smart Company, Smart Strategies, Smart Management, Smart Innovation

Balanced Business System Innovation System Sustainable Corporate Growth Fast Company Differentiation Strategies Competitive Strategies 25 Lessons from Jack Welch: Cultivate Leaders Employee Empowerment Diversification Strategies Injecting Relentless Growth Attitude High-Growth Business Development: Maturity Stage High-Growth Business Development: Expansion Stage High-Growth Business Development: Growth High-Growth Business Development: Inception Stage Retaining Customers Differentiation Strategy Venture Planning Sustainable Competitive Advantage Business Plan for High-Growth Start-ups Vadim Kotelnikov (personal web-site) Rolling Out Brand Management Venture Management Ten3 Business e-Coach: Graphical Maps Business Model Management Team Raising Venture Capital Coaching Corporate Leader Managing Business Through Different Growth Stages Marketing and Selling Sales Success Customer Service Customer Partnership Customer Value Creation Vadim Kotelnikov Corporate Vision. Mission, Goals Shared Values Corporate Capabilities Resource-based Strategies Corporate Strategies Winning Organization Enterprise-wide Business Process Management Systemic Innovation Corporate Vision, Mission, Goals Vadim Kotelnikov The Tree of Business Corporate Vision Corporate Capabilities Sustainble Profits Konosuke Matsushita (success story, lessons)

6Ws of Sustainable Growth Pursuing Opportunities Fast Company Strategic Management Sustainable Growth Customer Value Creation Corporate, Vision, Mission, Goals Shared Values Sustainable Competitive Advantage Enterprise-wide Business Process Management Innovation Management Marketing and Selling Corporate Leader Team Building and Teamwork Customer Partnership Vadim Kotelnikov Quotes Change Management Market Research Know WHAT: Balanced Business System Know HOW: Business Model Enterprise Strategy People Power Sustainable Value Creation Road-mapping Strategic Leadership Corporate Capabilities Competitive Strategies Winning Organization Management Employee Empowerment Partnerships Sales Success Business Coach: Graphic Maps 6Ws of Corporate Sustainable Growth and Business Success

Venture Strategies Corporate Sustainable Growth Strategies Jack Welch (success story) In-company Ventures Spinouts Venture Investing Venture Acquisitions Efficiency Improvement Enterprise-wide Business Process Management (EBPM) Lean Manufacturing Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF) Kaizen Total Quality Management (TQM) Six Sigma Vadim Kotelnikov Quotes Corporate Growth Strategies: Venture Strategies and Efficiency Improvement Strategies - Top-Line Growth and Bottom-Line Growth

Synergistic Marketing and Selling Vadim Kotelnikov Customer Value Proposition Service-Profit Chain Customer Intimacy Customer Care Customer Care Customer Partnership Differentiation Strategies Creative Marketing Marketing Strategy Listening To Customers Observing People Customer Value Creation Value Innovation Branding Differentiating with Different Types of People Effective Communication Influencing People Sales Success Relationship Marketing and Selling Persuading People Closing the Deal Retaining Customer Customer Service Customer Relationship Management Customer Satisfaction Ten3 Business e-Coach (full version) Synergy Customer-driven Innovation Marketing Strategy Mix How to Become an Irresistible Sales Communicator Customer Success 360: Creating Customer Value, Marketing,  Selling, Retaining Customer, Customer Partnership, Customer Intimacy

Balanced Approach to Business Systems Moving with Speed Sutainable Corporate Growth Strategies Operational Excellence Corporate Venture Strategies Institutional Excellence New-to-the-world Product Development Inclusive Company Differentiation Strategies Results-Based Leadership Innovation Management System Value Chain Management Radical Project Management In-company Ventures Spinouts Enterprise Business Process Management (EBPM) Systemic Innovation Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF) Strategy Innovation Sample Cooperative Research Agreement Opportunity-driven Business Development Corporate Venture Investing Joint Ventures Vadim Kotelnikov (personal web-site) Corporate Capabilities 7-S Model Competing Strategy New Product Design Venture Acquisitions Change Management Vision, Mission, Strategy Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Systemic Innovation Business Innovation Organizational Innovation Strategy Innovation Technology Innovation Process Innovation Product Innovation Creative Marketing Vadim Kotelnikov Quotes Ten3 Business e-Coach (full version) Innovation Management: 7 Areas of Systemic Innovation

The Tao of Business The Power of Balance Yin and Yang Ten3 Business e-Coach: why, what, and how Balanced Approach to Business Systems Outside-In Company Competitive Strategies Sustainable Growth Efficiency Improvement Venture Strategies Enterprise-wide Business Process Management (EBPM) Managing Innovation vs. Managing Operatons Innovation Management Effective Leadership Employee Empowerment Performance Management Winning and Retaining Customers Customer Services Coaching Your Customers Change Management Adaptive Organization Creating Change Partnerships Pearls of Wisdom: East meets West Managing Cross-cultural Differences Harnessing the Power of Diversity Vadim Kotelnikov (personal web page) Harnessing the Power of Diversity Customer Partnership Opportunity-driven Business Development Modern Management Working ON Your Business Coaching Energizing People Anticipating Searching for Opportunities Pursuing Opportunities Rapid Experimentation